22 July 2009

Modem Madness

Dear AT&T,

I pay a handsome fee to use your DSL line. I bought a modem from you. I have had very few complaints in the year since. AT&T, your technical support sucks.

I admit, I know just enough about the inner workings of my computer to get myself in trouble. I had already ascertained that the problem was either in my modem itself or on your end. I have pinged the modem from my computer, all data packets received and returned. The problem, I repeat, is not on my end.

If you tell me to reboot my computer one more time I am going to scream. Yes, even more so than I screamed at your automated system when it told me the easiest way to fix my modem was to log online to the support center. Really? This is your best possible solution to the fact that I can’t get on the internet? Tell me to get on the internet? I’d love to get around that message but my repeated bellowing of ‘SKIP!’ was met with confusion on the part of your automated software.

I hate you so much right now. Why even ask for a callback number (in case we get disconnected) if you’re not going to call me back when you hang up on me. That’s right bitch, you hung up on me!

And no, I am not going to reboot again!

Right now, no joke, I am going to drive twenty minutes to my dad’s to post this online. I would rather use his internet and go without at home than call you again. I am moving out of this house in three weeks, I will find a way to survive without. I spend 4-6 hours on the internet a day, and I would rather go without than use your service.

That’s how much you suck.


The Heroine.

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