23 July 2009

Wizard’s Third Rule

In the enduring trials of my modem, AT&T informs me that I am outside my one-year warranty. By one day. That’s right, my service plan (and warranty) started on July 21 2008 and my house was hit by lightening on July 22 frying the ethernet port on my modem. There may have been additional name-calling and general grousing towards the poor customer service representative at this point.

[I just want to note here that when I’m angry with customer service people, I spend at least half of my time apologizing for venting my frustration at the person on the other end. I know it’s not their fault. Unfortunately, they are the voice of the company. I have had one person, after I said for the fourth time ‘I know this isn’t your fault’, laugh and say ‘It’s alright, at least you’re not cussing or threatening me’. Do people actually do that?]

Once I got over how mad I was at the whole runaround I was getting from AT&T the solution to my problem became very easy. I went to the AT&T store and bought a new modem. I know what you’re thinking, but stick with me for my plan is manifold and varied. Once connected, my internet will be back for the next twenty something days. Then, well within my 30-day return policy, I will be returning it to the store from whence it came.

Suck it AT&T.

Update: I am back online. There was much jubilation.

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