10 August 2009

Invaders from Rodentia

I have mice.

I did not, previously, have mice. They are a product of my vacation. While I was away... I can’t think of a way to end that sentence other than with a lame ‘mouse will play’ so, you know, let's just go with that.

I’ve had suspicions for a while now that I might have a fuzzy rodent comrade or two living with me. However, since I noticed this, I have also noticed a marked decline in the frequency of waterbug sightings. On the choice between fuzzy mice and three inch long cockroaches – I'm siding with the mice.

But the little buggers just couldn’t leave well enough alone. I’ve been seeing more and more tails disappearing just as I turn and tonight, while watching “Big Bang Theory”, not one but two mice ran all the way across my living room floor with all my lights on and me lying on the couch! The nerve! As I was sitting, flabbergasted by this, I see a little head appear over the top of my baseboard. A freakin’ mouse is perusing me in a frankly rude manner in my own home.

The nerve I tell you!

So away to the only store open at one a.m. - the Wal-Mart. [Sorry, but the new Miley Cyrus line is actually kind of cute. Some of it anyway. What? I said I’m sorry!] There, I shop the ‘Let’s Kill the Mice!’ aisle. I mean really, of over a dozen get-rid-of-mice options only one of which is intended to not kill the mouse.

I have no problem with nature. Except for waterbugs and wasps, any animal or insect or whatever the hell slugs belong to (mollusc I now remember) that are found in the house get promptly thrown outside. I know they will come back in, but in the slug’s case I figure it will be a good while. Animals get driven down the parkway and released into a meadow.

Fear me intruders from rodentia!

So I bought a mice cube, or possibly a mouse cube – I’m not sure how many you can fit in one. It is humane and fairly simple. One of those “Man, I wish I had the patent on that” inventions.

Updates shall be forthcoming.

1 comment:

  1. Yay for the mice cubes! We had mice in our crawl space, and some of those other traps just freaked me out...like the glue boards that rip their legs off? A: that is just a horrible way to treat any living creature, and B:I don't want to be the one cleaning that sh*t up.

    They have several varieties of live mouse traps, but the clear "cube" worked the best for us. The mice would nibble through or figure out how to escape some of the other styles.

    My daughter would name each one we caught (we'd then take it to a forest preserve a few miles from the house and send it on it's way). For some reason she named each and every one Harry Potter. Thankfully we only got up to Harry Potter #6...and haven't seen any in the last 2 years or so.