13 October 2009

Die Science Fiction, Die!

(I don't mean it, come back!)

So some idiot on the internet (I know, narrow it down a bit why don't I?) has gotten it into his pretty little head that woman have ruined science fiction. It was so idiotic in fact that I won't even link to it. It's all over the interwebs, you can find it if you really want to.

The main thrust of the article is that science fiction, by attempting to appeal to more females in their audience, has lost the plot entirely.

I love Scifi, if my profile picture doesn't clue you in (and, yes, that is my neck and it is permanent), then let me say that I have made special efforts to see Ray Bradbury speak on more than one occasion and just spent a ridiculous amount of money to ship my Asimov and Adams across the Atlantic Ocean. I watch Star Trek (all incarnations), Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly. I just abandoned six years of work and waiting to do a degree in Physics. What's wrong with the womenfolk invading Scifi?

The Battlestar Galactica rant was, I have to admit, kind of fantastic. It had women in roles of power making decisions that the men were struggling with. And they turned Starbuck into a woman! Oh. Em. Gee! He even quotes the ridiculous Dirk Benedict article lamenting that they turned his swashbuckling Starbuck into a Stardoe. Get over yourself. The only thing the least bit feminine about the newly re-incarnated Starbuck was that she had tits. That's what made her so awesome. Also, having seen both the new Battlestar and the older one, Stardoe is by far more interesting and better played than your Starbuck. Sorry. I would imagine that having hot chicks like Starbuck, Roslin, and every female Cylon (you know it's true) running about probably brought a great deal more boys into the Scifi fold. It's not just bespeckled men in lab coats blowing things up! It's hot women in lab coats blowing things up! Yay!

But it is the ending that really grabs my goat.

"As we know science fiction has inspired boys to pursue careers in science, engineering, and technology as men. With women killing science fiction on television, the current generation of boys won’t have this opportunity to be inspired to work in these fields. There is still a great deal of written science fiction that is real science fiction so all is not lost. However, many boys who would have gone on to make scientific discoveries and invent new technologies will not do so since they will never be inspired by science fiction as boys."

I'm sorry, boys, that you find it so difficult to be inspired by the male based comic books, movies and TV shows featuring Summer Glau that cater especially to your prurient interests. I suppose the slew of women who will flock into this field (including myself) will just have to pick up the slack.

Honestly, if you don't want us in there with you, you can go play in some other sandbox. I hear Westerns are dying off, they could use an influx of whiny, self-obsessed crybabies.

*I love the description of slash by the way, "[s]lash fiction is a form of fan fiction written primarily by women where characters in science fiction TV shows are gay and have homosexual relationships completely contrary to the established canon of the show." Hate to break it to you buddy, but slash isn't limited to science fiction shows.

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