06 October 2009

Are you doctors?

In my time in London (did you know I was in London? Yeah, it was where I was supposed to be doing my MSc... now I'm on a bit of a vacation) I have spent a lot of time in museums. Most of my evenings have been spent at the theatre.

Last week, I saw Wicked for the second time. Still my all time favourite show, even if this cast didn't quite measure up to the first time.

Monday night I saw We Will Rock You which is the Queen musical that my Auntie Mame has been after me for years to see. I dutifully went and can I say this? It was awful. It was poorly put together, made absolutely no sense, and bored me to tears. I'd have been better off listening to my 'Best of Queen' album and burning the thirty quid I spent on the ticket.

It was that bad.

On a brighter note, Tuesday night I saw Avenue Q which has puppets and is snidely funny. Featuring such novel tunes as 'The internet is for Porn'. I enjoyed it a lot. I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't had to throw down with the group of young girls sitting to my left. Five minutes into the show, the girl next to me opens her phone and begins to write a text. With all the disdain I could muster I turned to her and said, "Really?" She promptly apologised and put her phone away.

The five other girls she was with apparently did not hear me. Not only did they text on and off, they talked enough that the British person sitting in front of them turned around and shushed them. I thought the woman next to me was going to lose her mind over the texting - you see the backlight on the phone is very distracting in the corner of your eye in a dark theatre. So at intermission, I leaned forward so I could talk to them all.

"Are you doctors?" Stunned faces but no reply, "Then turn your fucking phones off. You are pissing off every single person in this row and for several rows behind you." The guy behind me clapped. The woman next to me asked what I'd said, I told her the edited version and mentioned I thought the girl next to me was terrified of me now. Her response? "Oh, she hasn't met me yet. I'll go over these seats if I see a phone in the second half." I promised to lean back out of her way if it came to that.

Thankfully, the phones stayed blessedly put away.

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