25 December 2009

Not so Secret Santa

I accidentally got involved in the #notsosecretsanta on Twitter. What happened was, @geekgirldiva tweeted that she wanted to do a secret Santa. In my experience, a secret Santa is like a gift exchange, only you don't know who is getting your present.

So I tweeted back that I'd love to join and offered up a DVD as my gift.

The thing is, #notsosecretsanta was more of a #we'reofferingfreegifts. Which is cool and all, but not what I thought. Once I realized this, is was too late to be all "Not what it thought I was getting into..." And anyway, I really enjoy giving people things they might enjoy.

So I got the DVD in question, which was Fern Gully and added in The Lorax since I saw it there next to it.

It was an interesting experience. I got several new followers and a lot of replies (a lot for me anyway, the other #notsosecretsanta gifts were a Taun-Taun sleeping bag, a Boba Fet poster and Rock Band so I was definitely the least awesome of the gifts).

Picking the winner was easy... I made slips of paper (I photographed with my phone which I couldn't hold still as the dog was investigating)...

And into the Cyclops Santa stocking the slips went...

And someone named @uberdorkgirlie won! Go to Twitter and send her congrats if you get a chance...

All in all, giving things away on Twitter was interesting. No one who had been following me previously replied so there was no chance to cheat and play favorites even if I wanted to. (I totally would have too.) I'd do it again, and think I will, but under my own steam next time.

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