13 April 2010

You're going the wrong way!

We thought we had you all figured out, planets. A cloud of gas is spinning until it becomes a flat disk, the center becomes a star which spins on its axis in the same direction the disk is moving, then the planets form. Everything continues to spin in the same direction.*

So what is up with these shenanigans?

This cannot be so. It flies in the face of all of our understanding about how solar systems are formed. That planet is orbiting its sun the wrong way. Ok, yes, it's an artists rendering of a planet, but the planet does exist.

Everything about this is just wrong, how can it happen? There are some theories, so it's not as though astronomy as we know it has just collapsed (or has it?).

This is the astronomical equivalent of finding a green grape growing in the middle of a bunch of red ones. Yeah, that's right, I'm breaking out the analogies.

Science isn't exactly sure of the whys and heretofores of this solar system yet, so don't expect to find definitive answers, just know that the universe is a super weird place.

*That's the really really short version of this tale.

(Thanks to Bad Astronomer for the headsup)

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  1. Weird but totally awesome. Isn't it crazy how we're on this little tiny planet surrounded by billions of stars, planets, not to mention whole galaxies? I sometimes feel amazed that we can even tell this is happening in the first place. :) Next to figure it out...if only the planets weren't being so silly.