20 May 2010


This is a picture of the Prophet Mohammad. Because I say it is. I drew it, I should know.

This is also a picture of the Prophet Mohammad. Does he not look delicious?

Does saying that something is something else make it so? If you deny my apple is Mohammad (even though I assure you it is the most accurate of all representations) then at what point does my stick figure qualify?

What about this?
If I tell you this is Mohammad does that make it so? Would it offend a Muslim? If someone else calls it a line but I call it Mohammad, is it still an offense?

I do not respect religious belief any more than I would respect the belief in UFOs or the tooth fairy. I can respect you as a person without respecting your ideas. If the sight of a drawing (which lacking in one particular label is not offensive at all) is so offensive to you that you literally cannot abide it - that's your problem, not mine.

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