18 July 2010

Theory of Shipbuilding Failing

Have you seen this story? It tells how an 18th century ship was found under the rubble of the World Trade Centers.

Do you know what this means? The modern theory of ship design is now doubly flawed. We were never quite sure what came between the Caravel type vessels of the 1400s and modern ships. Oh, we had pictures and some scientists had made very educated guesses as to what they might be like - but nothing concrete.

But this! Previously we had one gap in shipbuilding history, between 15th and 21st century. Now we have two - 15th to 18th and 18th to 21st! That's twice as many gaps. The theory of shipbuilding is falling down around our very ears. I've known some naval architects, and they are by and large a bunch of smug bastards. So I have this to ask them...

What say you to this obvious discrepancy? Defend yourself or admit that you are wrong that the theory of shipbuilding is failing.

[If you think this is dumb keep in mind that this is how a lot of people feel about the so-called "Missing Link" in evolution. If you're one of them: don't be a moron, shut up and go read some Gould or something.]

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