21 August 2009

Romulan Ale

Found this over at Geek in the City. Made a few changes since some ingredients were unavailable to me.

Makes about a 750ml (wine bottle) worth. Well, mathematically, it makes about 960ml, so you can cut down on some of the measures.

2 Cups Blue Curacao
1 Cup Clear Rum, no flavor or spice
1/2 Cup Grain Alcohol - (NOTE - You may substitute Vodka if you can’t get or do not want the Grain Alcohol. Insert picture of cat with 'Do Not Want' caption).
1/2 cup Red Bull (or some other mostly clear energy drink, believe me, you'll need it. Blue energy drink would work too).

Mix and serve chilled. Don't let the Federation know you have it. Mix with absinthe for a 'Cloaking Device'. Hide under table and throw snacks at peoples feet. Make ptew-ptew noises. Think you're funny.

Notice that you've become the Nerd Heroine. Either think your awesome or be mortified.


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