22 October 2009

Chauvet Caves

Back in my college days, I lived in a dorm as so many do. Being an RA (yes, I'm a total goody-two-shoes at heart), I also had the privilege of my own room - which I proceeded to decorate.

Being the kind of nerd I am, I avoided the 'favorite sports team' and/or 'favorite band' themes for something decidedly more cerebral.

The Chauvet Caves were my inspiration, although my artistic abilities were not on par with the original creators. (And how sad is it that I am not as good an artist as a palaeolithic painter?) All of the works were created on plain white paper, then taped up on the walls. I have to admit it was a surreal experience. You could actually see a portion of my walls from the main school grounds if you were looking and I had several people ask me what the heck was going on up there - many of them unaware it was in fact my dorm.

I make no apologies for the follies of youth and say this with utmost certainty, I would totally decorate a room of my house like this if I ever, you know, own a house. It would the Chauvet guest bedroom, all done up in earth tones with a starlight ceiling instead of an overhead lamp.

Oh man, I need to go write this down somewhere - other than online that is...

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