17 November 2009

Of tweets and elbows...

I have to admit, I came to Twitter rather begrudgingly. Really, it was only to follow @cleolinda who posts most of her linkspam there since the Compocalypse.

Yet sometimes I get into these conversations with people that make the whole experience seem amazing. I have followers I do not know. In fact, I have no idea where I picked them up from. Either through this blog or through something I have tweeted about I would imagine. And sometimes, somehow, we start to @ at each other - the Twitter equivalent of an IM conversation.

Take the last few Tuesday nights. During and after V I am on Twitter, usually checking up on things during the commercial. In that time, either myself or @aaronswray will tweet something to cause the other to respond. We'll go back and forth for a few minutes, then go on with our lives.

And it's awesome.

Or how about this one:
@nerdheroine : V and Human, is that still bestiality? #vseries
J3551C4 : its like a twisted version of furries
nerdheroine : Scalies?
@J3551C4 : bahahha i couldnt help but think this would work for cylons as well ;)
@nerdheroine : Toasties of course.

See, outside of Twitter I would never have had a chance to have that conversation. I am sorely lacking in geek RL friends. It's sad. And if you're wondering why they need to be geek friends, I also have not started following anyone new on Twitter ever since I made a 6x6 square out of the people I do follow (36 following). I actually have a list around here somewhere of people like
@NathanFillion and @ActuallyNPH who I want to follow, but I want to bask in my square for a while.

Also, I have 25 followers and thanks to @J3551C4 (wow, I'm totally pimping her Twitter aren't I?) I am on 4 lists. Those are square numbers all the way across beeyotches. 'Cause that's how we roll in the Shire.

Also also...
Squid with elbows - all other arguments are futile.


  1. LMAO <3 thats how we roll in the shire...thats RIGHTTTTTTTTT seriously thank you for writing this...cos it is people like you that make twitter the awesomeness that it is.

    the comment about real geek friends in RL couldnt be more true. of course i have friends that i can kind of geek out with, but not the full blown geekery that we just experienced lol

    and tonight ladies and gentlemen, we have proved how cool squares truly are.


  2. And that is exactly why I love twitter as well. I love the people in my life, but they just don't 'get' why I'm so excited by a new episode of doctor who, or why echo the dolphin is probably one of the best things ever. Every now and then I just get on an obsessive geek trip, do a search, and there's always some people somewhere making a particularly insightful, hilarious, or awesome obsevation about it.

    And it just exposes so many more viewpoints. Google translate and twitter feeds can offer a really awesome view of the world that one would otherwise not see.

    It's kind of like tv. Sucks if you put no effort into using it, but it can be awesome if you do.

    Oh, and found your twitter via "crazy awesome insightful people talking about geek things" searches :)