09 January 2010

Who are these people?

While on my Christmas vacation my family and I played quite a bit of wii. We can't play as a team, there is far too much yelling and accusations on even the simplest sports, and god forbid you bring something like doubles tennis into it. But we do quite well with individual effort.

So imagine a fine, California afternoon. It's a balmy seventy outside, and geeks that we are we're inside playing wii hundred pin bowling, the most satisfying game ever invented. If you haven't heard the cacophony a hundred pins make when connect with a bowling ball you have not lived.

It's my turn, I have a split. The pins are easily ten feet apart. So I concoct a plan that involves bouncing my ball off the bumpers to make a billiards-type move to get both. I get ready, get set, and....

What the Hell?

Dude, is that Voldemort? And a Stormtrooper?

They totally made me flub my shot, by the way. Then, of course, no one believed me. Also, it appears it's not the same crowd every time either. While I was waiting for He Who Shall Not be Named to come around again, I also saw...

A ninja. Dude, it's a ninja! Also, some total dork there in the front, but a ninja. I don't know who the guy with what looks like a dude standing on his sunglasses is, but I'm sure if I were a better geek I would recognize him instantly.

Also, in the back of the other side...

It's the Joker! And some guy from KISS.

At this point, the game pretty much devolved into trying to find all the hidden miis.

In the end we found these guys...

But also a hamburger...
And Billy Mays!

GO BUY A WII! <---- To be read in a Billy Mays voice.

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  1. Ha, that's a damn good SpongeBob! I love seeing what people make w/ their Miis. I always surf the Mii channel on the lookout for awesome Miis. My fave is the Burger King. I also have a lot of horror themed miis