31 October 2010

Larry chooses a winner

Larry is here, hard at work to chose a winner from today's drawing. He chose this particular method, and you must forgive him, his handwriting is atrocious.

See what I mean, I can barely make out what this one says - wait a second. Larry, give me that.

The Hell? You are not eligible for this... no I don't care if you're hungry we will find you... dear god how many of these did you make?

Did you really think I wouldn't notice? Did you honestly think you would get away with, look at this! [Like a dog, sometimes you just have to rub your pet dinosaur's nose in the mess he's made.]*

Once I'd removed all of the ones that Larry had entered in his own name, I was feeling magnanimous and let him go diving for the winner.

And here we have it! I told you his handwriting was bad.

@purehero has won the walkable dinosaur of his choice, or he can have the adorable stegosaurus. Stegosaurus was his favorite dinosaur so there's that.

Thanks to everyone, even Larry who's a big fat cheater. Yes you young dinosaur. Here's a breakdown of the choices people made, compys were a surprise to me, and deinonychus were my write-in.

*I don't actually subscribe to this method of punishment, for the record.

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