31 October 2010

Walk with the Dinosaurs

Is there anything in the world more adorable a tiny stuffed animal dinosaur on a leash? I maintain that there is not.

Look at that. Look at that. That is the definition of adorable. The very definition.

Want one? Of course you do. Either reply to this post or drop me an @ reply on twitter (@nerdheroine) telling me what your favorite dinosaur is and why, and I will send you the walkable dinosaur of your choice. Perfect for kids or those of us who are still five years old at heart.

This isn't really a contest, you don't have to retweet anything or do anything other than reply. If you reply to me on twitter you do need to be a follower of mine there, but you can reply on this post as well. Please leave an email when you reply so I can get in contact with you. 6pm central is the cutoff.

Larry has graciously agreed to be the arbitor of the day's events - but I've already had a talk with him so don't think choosing Velociraptor will get you anywhere.

Edited: As of 3pm, more than 50% of respondants have chosen the stegosaurus, as such, the winner may choose this non-walkable but still adorable stegosaurus plush.


  1. Yea I would love one! My favorite dinosaur has to be T Rex. Why? Because some time ago, many years maybe, me and some friends were going to Wal-Mart one late night. While walking through or by the toy section I saw and end cap with dinosaur toys on it which I stopped for a second and proceeded to play with. I guess while playing with them I said something to the he effect or as goes now "RAWR I'm a dinosaur!" With that history was made and to this day I have friends who make fun of me for that and it has kinda become my shtick. I also just recently bought a sticker for one of my laptops that say I "heart" and a picture of a brontosaurs.

    The other reason is I love going to a natural history museum and seeing all the life size dinosaur bones and dinosaurs. My wife actually took me to the Greater Cleveland Natural History museum as a surprise last year on my birthday, November 23rd. I was also surprised to find our friends Adam and Susan were there to surprise us to with there 5 year old and 2 year old. With that we were off to "play," a 32 year old man, a 5 year old little girl, and a 2 year old little boy who is my BFF and refers to me as his uncle. They have a great dinosaur exhibit and needless to say fun was had by all!


  2. Opps I forgot to leave a email... yaro67 @ aol.com