26 November 2010

Christmas Topper

I have a teensy, weensy problem...

I have nothing to grace the top of my tree.


In years past, I've put a gold and red star but I hung it in my office this year. I was never thrilled with it anyway, although it's gorgeous. When a tree includes a T-Rex, penguins and Commander Data it seems a bit of a cop-out to put a star at the top.

So this year I'm thinking about putting something special, something awesome. One of these guys...

For the record, that's a Rorschach {Watchmen}, Doctor McCoy {Star Trek}, Edward {Twilight} {Don't judge me}, and a plushie Batman {really?}. There are Pros and Cons for each:

Rorschach Pros: It would tie him up, keeping him from causing mischief, and generally (hopefully) keep him from setting the tree on fire like he's been threatening.
Rorschach Cons: I wouldn't put it past him to set the tree on fire even/especially when tied to it. Also, I'll have to listen to him bitch every time I go near it.

McCoy Pros: As a Star Trek fan it seems only logical, he's also by far the prettiest of the three, his blue uniform will go well with the color of my other ornaments.
McCoy Cons: He's kind of (excuse me for saying it) boring. He'd also be about three inches from my rather large Data ornament and for whatever reason they don't like each other much.

Edward Pros: Creepy Edward would be stuck to the tree, and not watching me while I sleep. It would amuse McCoy and Rorschach to no end. He's the best candidate for 'angel'.
Edward Cons: Anyone who came over would know my shame in owning him, and may not get the funny - instead thinking I'm a crazy twihard.

Batman Pros: He's adorable, he's also blue, he would enjoy a chance to be the 'Guardian of the Tree.'
Batman Cons: He's kind of small and I've had my eye on a Batman ornament and I'm not sure I'd want both on the tree. Seems like overkill. Also, he's kind of small.

So there's a poll in the sidebar... help me out here. Who do you think is the best/funniest/most awesome tree topper I could use?

I wish I had a Starbuck, she'd be the perfect 'angel' for my tree. If I find one, this poll will become absolutely moot.

1 comment:

  1. Move Data further down the tree. He'd over-analyse Christmas anyway. Bones was a much cheerier character, more in the Christmas spirit (bad whisky pun).