20 December 2010

Then the Grinch got an idea...

..an awful idea. The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea.

Okay, it's way more wonderful than awful.

I was cruising around the store the other day (more like a month ago but I lost track of time) and I thought - My, we have some neat stuff. Who do I know who would want this? Or this right here? Wait, I know, everyone I know online would like this.

What do we have? We have AWESOME things.

Like this...

Do you know what that is? It is a Death Star Planetarium. It includes a regular star map as well as a Star Wars universe sky map. Also, space ice cream. But Star Wars Planetarium. Like whoa and damn you know?

I also really wanted to do a dinosaur themed gift, but what could possibly compare to a Star Wars Planetarium?



Yes, you too could have a Larry of your very own. Along with some other dinosaur things including a replica fossil, a dilophosaur puzzle, dinosaur temporary tattoos and a dig and play set. You know you want it all. And Larry will drop large boxes on the other toys you own. He does that you know.

This is my first solely blog based giveaway, and judging from previous times that means your chances are really really good. Because no one reads my blog. It's cool, I don't mind. I do it mostly for me. *sniffle*

So leave a comment with some sort of way to contact you and whether you prefer space or dinosaurs. It's going to be a tough decision but you're really going to have to pull through for me okay? Okay. [For the record, the presents are of equal monetary value - Death Star Planetariums ain't cheap.]

I'll find some suitable way to pick a winner on Christmas Eve, and put a package in the mail to you the next Monday. Thus, you have until noon pacific on Christmas Eve to leave a comment on this post.



  1. I completely prefer space. As you know, it is my practice to make friends with meteors of different shapes and sizes. Because they aren't from around here, and large rocks from space need to belong, too.

    mopic1971 (at) gmail dot to the com, yo!

  2. Space totally wins over dinosaurs. Though only because Larry would end up replacing the stuffed tribble as my German Shepherd's binkie.

    triskelmoon at twitter!

  3. AUGH, it's so hard to choose!!! In the big picture, I prefer space because....it's space, holy frak! But if no one else wants Larry, I will give him snuggles & adventures with my Cthulhus. Larry is pretty darn awesome in his own right, if not quite a celestial body.

  4. AHHHH...Dinos...Space...Dinos...Space!?! Eek!

    How can a girl choose between two of her greatest loves? At least I can be thankful that there's not a third option with fast cars involved...or craft supplies!

    I think I'd have to go with...dinosaurs! Woo! I made a decision!


  5. Larry! My very own Larry? Definitely dinosaurs. It'll be like havin a prop from #StuffedAnimalTheater :D

  6. A Death Star Planetarium! Oh yes, oh yes - although Larry is pretty adorable, I have to admit.

    brandyllyn at yahoo dot com

  7. space space space space! *big grin* twitter name: @leahlibrarian

  8. I do enjoy the stuffed animal theater. and anything green.


  9. When I was smaller it would have been space, but there wasn't quite so much space back then, so it's dinosaurs because even though there are more dinosaurs too, dinosaurs have remained dinosaurs while the Force turned out to be space-mitochondria.

    Happy misappropriated pagan winter festival! (I got thrown out of Sunday School when I was seven)

    PS I live in Europe, and I won't be offended if you exclude me on that basis.

  10. Space! the final frontier is a galaxy far far away!

  11. Space, for sure. My son is into it. And unlike me he is a sponge for all sorts of facts and knowledge. I held on to fiction and trivia.

  12. Dinosaurs in space!

    Good lord, it would be difficult to choose. I guess, if forced to at gunpoint, I would go with... dinosaurs. Because they're cuter.

  13. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and you are so awesome for doing this!! And OMG my girls would LOVE the Death Star Planetarium! :)

  14. Hehe--Sweet loots! I've won one of your contest before, so I'll bow out--but love the blog and Merry Christmas!!

  15. Ahhh! Space! That is so awesome! .....plus didn't space kind of destroy dinosaurs? I mean meteorites, right? So space is epic.

    And Merry Christmas :)!

  16. A Death Star planetarium? Holy crap! That's awesome.

    My apologies to Larry.