12 May 2012

IT - Intermission

IT Part 1
IT Part 2

As much as I said I would finish this book tonight, I didn't get a good start on it until nearly 6pm. And I know that there will come a point after which I can't stop, so I'm going to finish for the evening and read one of my romances I picked up at the library instead.

Someone on facebook asked me if I was going to be jumping at shadows for the next few days and the answer is: yes and no.

Yes, I will freak myself out about every sound, every shadow and every time I think I feel something that isn't there. I have an active imagination and in cases like these it is a curse.

But no, it won't be that bad because I have an incredibly logical side too. And that side of me says - nothing has changed in the world in the last eight hours. Reading that book did not cause monsters to spontaneously burst into existence - nor is reading it going to draw otherworldly forces to me.

And the real kicker - even if there were monsters and demons and creatures lurking in the shadows, I am not going to escape from them. That's not my role in life's play. If I wake up and there is a genuine clown in my bedroom holding a bunch of balloons and ready to strangle me - I'm going to die whether I lay in bed fretting about it or not. My bedroom is a prime place to attack as it only has one exit. By the time I know I'm in danger it would be too late to do anything.

So why worry?

That credulous streak, and the ability to turn it on and off mostly at will, is one of my better qualities I think. At least, on a personal useful level.


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