13 May 2012

IT - Part Three

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4:39pm - Home
Chapter 10

So the chapter opens and everyone makes their way into town. They sit and have lunch. The bring each other up to speed and reminisce. It has the feel of a reunion which it is.

Mike, the pure voice of reason who I just love, the lighthouse keeper who saw the storm coming and brought them all back, Mike goes through the details and I wonder just how much he remembers. It's obvious they don't all remember everything - and time and distance from Derry seems to pay into it.

So they talk and discuss the things they could never tell anyone else because it would make them sound crazy and they all, as one, decide to do the one thing they don't think they can. To kill It.

And just when I think this chapter is going to close on them walking out into the afternoon, perhaps with a "And only 6 of them showed at the library that evening" the whole things becomes macabre. Bugs crawl out, blood gushes, an eyeball.... that only they can see.

Does having children mean that you can't see the horrors of Derry?

I do know I will not be eating a fortune cookie in the near future.

6:06pm - Home
Chapter 11

Holy shit.

Ben goes to the library where the clown taunts him from the upper decks.

Eddie goes to the abandoned fields where an entire baseball team of creepy accosts him.

Beverly goes to her old home where an old lady turns into every evil in the world (and it's a sign of how little I know horror tropes that it took me ages to figure out something wasn't right with her).

Richie gets attacked by a statue... again.

And Bill.... Bill gets his bike back? I don't trust this shit y'all. I don't trust it one bit. That bike is going to try to kill them, mark my words.

6:36pm - Home
Chapter 12

Well that was... unexpected.

The monster seems capable of pretty much anything, so why does it need Henry (evil little bully Henry) around to do its dirty work?  Why break him out of the insane asylum?

And Tom, you sick fuck, go home. You are going to die in the sewers or Derry and I am going to enjoy it. And for all of my talk about being uncomfortable being party to this sadisitc voyeurism I will enjoy watching you die.

Audra..... I hope you know what you're doing. Maybe you're the stand-in for Stanley?

6:50pm - Home
Third Interlude

I'm... I'm a little nervous. With the shootout described in such detail, with the monster there carefully orchestrating it... what chance do our protagonists possibly have? Which goes back to my earlier realization that this book doesn't necessarily have a happy ending.

All books have happy endings, at least the ones I read. Your favorite character might die, there will be sacrifices, but in the end evil will be defeated and people will look into a brighter future.

I'm really starting to get a bone-deep depression that this book will not end that way at all.


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