20 June 2009

I judge you when you use bad grammar

You know, I can see where this mistake comes from. Given as I am living in the Southern US, to say something like 'Out of Order' with such an accent does sound a bit like 'Outer Order'... wait, no. No it doesn't. Maybe 'Outa Order'. I can only make myself say 'Outer Order' if I pretend to be the goofy Texan sidekick of a 1950s movie cowboy.

'Outer Order'... sheesh.

09 June 2009


Dear SciFi Channel,

I love you. You have the greatest slate of programming on television and I'm seriously considering calling in for work this Saturday in order to watch Star Runners.

So why do I find wrestling whenever I switch to your channel this Tuesday night? I would say it is some sort of error on the part of my service provider, but your website supports that this is the programing you intended.

Unless they're on hoverboards with lasers, wrestlers do not belong on the SciFi channel. By the way, I would totally watch wrestlers on hoverboards (lasers optional). Just a thought.

Give me back monsters and space travel. Give me back time warps and genetic experiments. Give me back my SciFi channel!

Hugs and kisses,
The Heroine

[except the 'Hugs and Kisses' part, I did actually send this letter to the SciFi Channel. They never wrote back *sad face* ]