07 August 2012

Goals, I has them

A conversation I had via text with a friend. My friends are awesome BTW.

Me                                                                                                                     Me friend K
OMG have I told you my new life goal?

You have not, what is it!?

I want someone to get me all tripped out on acid
and then take me to Disneyland.
Always get stoned under supervision. That's my motto.

Damn straight, safety first!
And I feel like Disneyland could be a very scary place on acid.

That's why I want a chaperone.
I feel it's an experience that could turn on you quickly.

Feel free to add this to your list of birthday ideas for me.
I'll buy the Disney tickets. :)

Lol, and that's why you plan ahead.

Hm... I think your idea might be genius... 
I was thinking of all the line-waiting, 
but tripping would make that way more fun

OMG K, do you see these flowers? 

"That's gum."


I think Goofy just bit me.

Im going to get cartoon rabies.

Its like regular rabies only instead of fomaing at the mouth 
you do that ah-ooga thing wolves do to hot chicks in cartoons.

I don't want to die this way K. Don't let me die this way!

Well [NH], at least those sound more fun than regular rabies. 
Thank God you went to hug Goofy 
and not that pidgeon you keep calling Donald.

But he's not wearing pants. 
Donald is the only bird that doesn't wear pants. Ergo...

You keep saying that, and I keep telling you that's just a pidgeon... 
although that's a different pidgeon than the one we started with... 
so that's... better?

(And then I sit in front of Cinderella's castle for three hours staring at my hair.)

It would be fucking AMAZING.

I'll do the same for you when you reach the equivalent birthday.

lol, you're a good frined.

*friend, sorry.

Missed an unintentional "fried" joke by *thismuch*

I was totally just thinking that... 
that and wondering if frined was a word. 
And then deciding it was not.

I think KFC gets frined in food poisoning cases.

And with that I bid you good night!

Ditto! Talk to ya later

05 August 2012

Curiosity Landing

I feel like the Curiosity landing was planned by my five year old nephew:
Okay first we're going to just throw this at Mars. When we get there we'll use rockets to slow it down. A parachute will go *poof* but it's no good so then we'll launch another rocket from the rocket and it will fire MORE ROCKETS. But it's not going to land, it's going to just hover there and drop the thing down like a GI Joe out of a helicopter.

They should have named the thing "Occam would have a heart attack" and been done.