24 January 2011

Bad Project

There is something truly amazing about this. Not just a group singing Lady GaGa's Bad Romance, but they parodied it in a tribute I can totally identify with it.

23 January 2011


Whoever is in charge of selling this to me, they have done a splendid job of it despite their obvious intentions...

(click to embiggen)

20 January 2011

A really bad joke...

A bunch of functions are sitting in a restaurant when suddenly, a crazy masked operator bursts in the door.

"I'm here to rob this place and I'm going to start differentiating all y'all if you don't leave right now!"

All the functions make a run for the door, except one sitting in a booth near the back. The operator notices this and says "Hey, didn't you hear me? I'll differentiate you til there ain't nothin' left!"

The function in the back smiles, "Go ahead, I'm e^x."