31 October 2010

Larry chooses a winner

Larry is here, hard at work to chose a winner from today's drawing. He chose this particular method, and you must forgive him, his handwriting is atrocious.

See what I mean, I can barely make out what this one says - wait a second. Larry, give me that.

The Hell? You are not eligible for this... no I don't care if you're hungry we will find you... dear god how many of these did you make?

Did you really think I wouldn't notice? Did you honestly think you would get away with, look at this! [Like a dog, sometimes you just have to rub your pet dinosaur's nose in the mess he's made.]*

Once I'd removed all of the ones that Larry had entered in his own name, I was feeling magnanimous and let him go diving for the winner.

And here we have it! I told you his handwriting was bad.

@purehero has won the walkable dinosaur of his choice, or he can have the adorable stegosaurus. Stegosaurus was his favorite dinosaur so there's that.

Thanks to everyone, even Larry who's a big fat cheater. Yes you young dinosaur. Here's a breakdown of the choices people made, compys were a surprise to me, and deinonychus were my write-in.

*I don't actually subscribe to this method of punishment, for the record.

Walk with the Dinosaurs

Is there anything in the world more adorable a tiny stuffed animal dinosaur on a leash? I maintain that there is not.

Look at that. Look at that. That is the definition of adorable. The very definition.

Want one? Of course you do. Either reply to this post or drop me an @ reply on twitter (@nerdheroine) telling me what your favorite dinosaur is and why, and I will send you the walkable dinosaur of your choice. Perfect for kids or those of us who are still five years old at heart.

This isn't really a contest, you don't have to retweet anything or do anything other than reply. If you reply to me on twitter you do need to be a follower of mine there, but you can reply on this post as well. Please leave an email when you reply so I can get in contact with you. 6pm central is the cutoff.

Larry has graciously agreed to be the arbitor of the day's events - but I've already had a talk with him so don't think choosing Velociraptor will get you anywhere.

Edited: As of 3pm, more than 50% of respondants have chosen the stegosaurus, as such, the winner may choose this non-walkable but still adorable stegosaurus plush.