14 July 2009


For those of you who don't use the Sony ebook store, those swirly arrows spell doom. They are the 'waiting' symbol the store uses and I feel like I spend a goodly portion of my day looking at them spin and spin and spin...

They mock me.

But Johnny rocks nevertheless. My paper books are going to stage a coup d'etat.

Go to SBTB now. You too may win awesome things.

But mine will be awesomer.


  1. i know what you mean, i tried that at first, but then i was recommended Calibre, and let me just say, wow!!

  2. You know, it's only the DOWNLOADED library where the store gives you those arrows of death. If you search their online store directly, you don't get those. Why can't they make their downloaded software less quirky?

    I second the Calibre suggestion for purchasing ebooks from other vendors online and switching them over to you reader. I work off of a Mac and Sony as yet doesn't have a Mac compatible library software so Calibre is a godsend.