22 July 2009

You can lag it up your...

Here is how I (am forced to) read on the Sony. When I get to the last line on the page, I hit the page turn button. Around the time I’ve finished the page is about the time the page actually turns. This is especially annoying as I’m only viewing one page at a time and thus run into this problem every fifteen seconds or so.

Why is this happening? It’s not like my laptop, which does god only knows what in the background while I work. You have one function Johnny. Sometimes, the lag is so long I question whether I hit the button and hit it again, thus skipping a page when Johnny 505 finally rouses himself from his stupor. I know I have an older model ereader. I know that my computer is slow thus the lag in the Sony estore, while frustrating, is understandable.

But when you are acting on your own, you should not have processing problems! You are performing one job! If my book is boring you hum or something, don’t play solitaire in the background and eat up the processing power. Johnny 505! I am talking to you young man ereader!

On a slightly brighter note, I used Johnny nearly a week before he lost a single bar on his battery indicator. So that’s cool…

But it does not let you off the hook for the page-turn lag sir! Don’t sass me! Go to your room!

If I kill someone over this, I'm going to blame the entire collection of Smart Bitches.

Also see the origin of Johnny 505, the second comic, and some text-based Sony eReader observations.


  1. Hmmm...I too have the 505 and the page turn time is negligible...I have about 20 something books stored on it...what size print do you read in? I tend to use the smallest size, but when I tried the largest sixe (got up at 5am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep so read in semi-darkness)is didn't seem to affect page turn speed, though I had to do it 3x as often so that was kind of annoying...how long are we talking here? Can you time it with a stopwatch?

  2. I do remember finding the page turning annoying when I got the reader - I either pushed the button too late, and had to wait while the page refreshed, or too early, and had to flick back to get the last half sentence.

    At this point, my brain just does the calculation without me, and the page turns at the moment I need it to turn. I'm no more conscious of turning the pages that I am when reading a paper book.

    So, fingers crossed, you may find it becomes automatic with practice.