10 February 2010

I luff you internets

Dear internet,

I love you. Making friends in real life is super hard. People are difficult and they give me funny looks when I start talking about my Green Lantern theories and why Adama and Roslin are the greatest TV couple of all time. If I do manage to contain my geekery long enough to make friends with normal people, I then have to try and contain myself when in their company. I repeat, it's hard work.

But not you internet. You filter the crazy/geeky/nerdy people right to me. Whether it's on twitter or some forum, you have a way of sending the people my way who understand and appreciate me for being the absolute loon that I am. Who get the Lost references and come back at me with Star Wars trivia. I mean, where else am I going to find someone to mail me a high fantasy series?

My real life friends call me nerd - a badge I wear proudly, but they're not saying it proudly. They're saying it in that way you do when you sneer a little. It is, in short, a slur. Internet friends call me nerd and you can hear (read, whatever) the smile in their voices when they do. It's nice.

I love you internets, but people of the internets, I love you more.

Hugs and Kisses,
The Heroine