15 February 2010

A very Hobbity Birthday to you!

It is a time-honored tradition here in the Shire that one gives birthday presents on one's birthday, rather than receive them. In that spirit, I am going to give out some gifts to my online friends who may or may not want them.

Simply comment on this post or @nerdheroine a 'Happy Birthday' before midnight (CST) on February 20th and I will spend part of my birthday (the 21st) handing out presents. I'll send you a DM or email as applicable to arrange shipping. Sound good?

This is ONLY open to people currently following me on twitter and people who read my blog. Please don't RT this, I know exactly who my last follower was (because I just wrote it down) and I have a fair idea of who reads this blog. This is a just a thank you for being around and being funny/interesting folk these past six months or so.

So what are the prizes? Mostly things I have around the house I somehow manage to have two of. All are brand new, I just have two (or more) of them due to a series of bizarre circumstances. Did you know I got four copies of Star Trek for Christmas? Yeah, like that. Let's see...

Star Trek (2009)

"Taster's Choice" - includes Chew Issues #1-5

Darwin's "I think" journal entry from the Museum of Natural History, London (poster/print, approx 50x70cm)

One box of mystery and excitement. A miscellany things too small to offer on their own. Includes but is not limited to cards, comics, pins, figurines and/or books.

So if you think you might like to have any of the above drop me a tweet on twitter, or a comment below.

Happy Birthday to me!


  1. I'm still fairly new to your Twitter and your blog on my RSS so don't worry about counting me in the mix... but have a Happy Birthday! I'm enjoying your work so far!

  2. We don't want anything but your friendship, but Happy Birthday you nerdy heroine!

    Mike & Kali

    P.S. Was 50 on Saturday past. (Guess which one? ;-)

  3. Please don't send me anything - but happy birthday - Hope you have a fantastic bday.