20 February 2010

A very Hobbity Birthday Part II

Hi! It's been a great week, thank you so much to everyone who's taken time out to tell me Happy Birthday. I do really appreciate it, my track record with birthdays is really not all that great.

So you want to know how the winning of stuff went? I know, I know, but I just wanted to get gushy for a bit.

I was going to pull names out of something, like I did when for the twitter secret santa. Then I thought about it some more and that simply does not reach the level of awesomeness my birthday should aspire to.

So I did this instead....

Everybody got a paper airplane with their name on it. This is @J3551C4's...

The airplanes went into a box....

And the box got thrown into the air, and this was the result...

So here are the winners, there was a tie for fourth, but it was okay! They didn't want the same thing, so it was all good.

1st: @badvillemojo - Star Trek DVD
2nd: @steelwoolwookie - Box of Mystery and Excitement
3rd: @corpzombie - Star Trek DVD
4th: @KatAKlism - Chew Volume 1
4th: @angryfatgeek - Darwin Poster

(Edited to add who chose what...)

All gifts were, given, everything will be mailed tomorrow, and the Heroine saw that it was good.

A big thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, and congrats to the winners! If you want to know what your place was, just ask!


  1. The way you chose these is awesome! I'll have to remember this method for future random-number choosing needs...

  2. i like how you write my name ;)

  3. in the next book round, if you still have it - can you send me my plane :D <3